Elfego Hernán Monzón Aguirre bigraphy, stories - President of Guatemala

Elfego Hernán Monzón Aguirre : biography

1912 - 1981

Elfego Hernán Monzón Aguirre (1912–1981) was the leader of the military junta in Guatemala from 29 June 1954 to 8 July 1954.

Military Government Board (1954)

  • Colonel Elfego H. Monzón
  • José Luis Cruz Salazar|Colonel José Cruz Salazar
  • Mauricio Dubois|Colonel Mauricio Dubois

The junta of Monzon, José Luis Cruz Salazar and Mauricio Dubois lasted 4 days, during which time Monzon joined the Guatemala National Liberation Army commanded by Colonel Carlos Castillo Armas. http://www.terra.es/personal2/monolith/guatemal.htm Terra.es Guatemalan leaders

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