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Eduards Veidenbaums : biography

3 October 1867 - 12 September 1929

Eduards Veidenbaums (Glāznieki, Priekuļi parish, 3 October 1867 — Kalāči, Mūrmuiža parish, 24 May 1892) was a Latvian poet and translator. Most of his poetry was published posthumously.


Eduards Veidenbaums was born at the Glāznieki farmstead in the Priekuļi parish (now territory of Cēsis). In 1872 his family moved to Kālāči in the Mūrmuiža parish. In 1887 after finishing Riga governorate gymnasium, Veidenbaums started to study law at the University of Tartu. He is remembered as a very talented, but always underfunded, student. In spite of that, he is also known for his bohemian lifestyle. Many of his poems are about drinking and the Tartu social life. Veidenbaums' biggest influences were the German poets Heine, Goethe and Schiller. He translated many of their works into Latvian. He also preferred the work of classical authors, such as Horace. On May 1892 he died of tuberculosis after five months illness.

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