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Edouard Van Beneden : biography

5 March 1846 - 28 April 1910

Édouard Joseph Louis Marie Van Beneden (Leuven, 5 March 1846 – Liège, 28 April 1910), son of Pierre-Joseph Van Beneden, was a Belgian embryologist, cytologist and marine biologist.Dictionary of Biography Page 141 Houghton Mifflin Company - 2003 "Beneden, Edouard Joseph Louis-Marie van 1846-1910 * Belgian cytologist and embryologist Born in Liege," He was professor of zoology at the University of Liège. He contributed to cytogenetics by his works on the roundworm Ascaris. In this work he discovered how chromosomes organized meiosis (the production of gametes).

Van Beneden elucidated, together with Walther Flemming and Eduard Strasburger, the essential facts of mitosis, where, in contrast to meiosis, there is a qualitative and quantitative equality of chromosome distribution to daughter cells. (See karyotype). 22 Mar. 2009, 22 Mar. 2009, 22 Mar. 2009


  • Édouard van Beneden Recherches sur la composition et la signification de l'œuf 1868
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