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Duncan Suttles : biography

21 December 1945 -

Duncan Suttles (born 21 December 1945) is an International Grandmaster of chess who was the strongest Canadian player between the eras of Abe Yanofsky and Kevin Spraggett. He is one of the few over-the-board grandmasters who also holds the title of Grandmaster of International Correspondence Chess. Suttles has been inactive in over-the-board play since the mid-1980s. He currently serves with the software firm Magnetar Games, as President and Chief Technologist.

Olympic stalwart

Suttles appeared at age 18 on the Canadian Olympiad team for Tel Aviv 1964, for the first of his eight selections, including six in a row, over a period of 20 years. He usually played a large number of games in these team events, close to the maximum. Here are his complete results; his totals for Canada in Olympiads are: (+49 −30 =43), for 57.8 percent.http://www.olimpbase.org/players/tjrtx3lf.html He also played board one for Canada on its bronze medal winning team at the 1971 Student Olympiad.

  • Tel Aviv 1964: 1st reserve, 5½/10, +4 −2 =3;
  • Havana 1966: 4th board, 10/18, +8 −5 =5;
  • Lugano 1968: 2nd board, 11½/17, +7 =9 −1;
  • Siegen 1970: 2nd board, 8/16, +3 −3 =10;
  • Mayagüez Student Olympiad 1971: 1st board, 6½/11, +6 −4 =1, team bronze;
  • Skopje 1972: 1st board, 9½/17, +6 −4 =7;
  • Nice 1974: 1st board, 10½/19, +8 −6 =5;
  • Valletta 1980: 2nd board, 3/8, +2 −4 =2;
  • Thessaloniki 1984: 1st board, 5/11, +4 −5 =2.

Represents Canada

Suttles represented Canada at the Junior World Chess Championship, Barcelona 1965, but was drawn into a strong preliminary group which included the eventual winner Bojan Kurajica, and could only score 1½/4, failing to advance to the finals. Suttles did manage to win the 'B' final, ahead of Raymond Keene.Chess on the Edge, volume 1, by Bruce Harper and Yasser Seirawan, Chess'n Math Association publishers, Montreal 2008, p. xiii. Suttles represented Canada in the qualifying Interzonal event for the World Chess Championship at Sousse 1967, scoring 9½/21 for 15th place. Suttles won the Canadian Chess Championship held at Pointe-Claire 1969, after a playoff match with Zvonko Vranesic in Toronto, which Suttles won by 2½–1½. He took another crack at the Interzonal level at Palma de Mallorca 1970, scoring 10/23 for a tied 15–16th place, but did not qualify for the final Candidates' matches that would choose the title challenger.

Early years

Suttles was born in San Francisco, California, but moved to Canada at a young age, spending his formative years in Vancouver. He was of National Master strength by his mid-teens, which was unusual for Canadian chess at that time. His early mentor was mathematician and master Elod Macskasy.Chess on the Edge, by Bruce Harper and Yasser Seirawan, Chess'n Math Association publishers, Montreal 2008.

Suttles made his first appearance in the Closed Canadian Chess Championship at Brockville, 1961, at age 15, and scored 3/11.http://www.chessmetrics.com, the Duncan Suttles results file. Suttles won the British Columbia Championship in 1963 and 1966.http://www.ncf.ca/bw998/canchess.html. In his second Closed, he scored 8½ from 15 games at Winnipeg 1963, finishing just above the middle of the strongest and youngest field yet seen in a Canadian final. Suttles tied for 3rd–5th places in the 1964 Canadian Open Chess Championship in Toronto, and as the top junior, qualified for the 1965 Junior World Chess Championship.Chess on the Edge, by Bruce Harper and Yasser Seirawan, Chess'n Math Association publishers, Montreal 2008, p. xii. At home in Vancouver for the 1965 Canadian Championship, Suttles scored 8/11 and finished second, behind eight-time champion Daniel Yanofsky. As a dual Canadian-American citizen, Suttles was also eligible for the United States Championship, New York 1965–66, in which he finished last with 2½/11, an event won by Bobby Fischer.

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