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Duncan Fegredo : biography

1964 -

Duncan Fegredo is a British comic book artist born in Leicester in 1964.


  • 2001: Nominated for "Best Cover Artist" Eisner Award, for Lucifer at the Comic Book Awards Almanac
  • 2007: Won "Favourite Colour Comicbook - American" Eagle Award, for Hellboy: Darkness Calls



Fegredo first managed to get into comics after showing his portfolio around UKCAC in 1987 and meeting Dave Thorpe. Together they worked on a strip for a short lived British magazine called Heartbreak Hotel. After this, Fegredo worked for Crisis for Fleetway before working on Kid Eternity at DC Comics with writer Grant Morrison. He then worked with writer Peter Milligan on Enigma, an eight-issue miniseries for DC's Vertigo imprint. At 2000 AD he worked on Judge Dredd and a couple of other titles.

Other notable work includes the comic-book versions of Kevin Smith's Jay and Silent Bob characters, Shade the Changing Man and Ultimate Adventures

For a few years, Duncan Fegredo was the regular artist on Dark Horse's Hellboy series. Fegredo's six-issue miniseries, Hellboy: Darkness Calls, was the first Hellboy miniseries that did not feature Hellboy creator Mike Mignola on art (Mignola plotted the book). Fegredo went on to do the art for the short story Hellboy: The Mole, the eight-issue miniseries Hellboy: The Wild Hunt, and the miniseries The Storm and The Fury (both three issues). The Fury will be his final story as the regular artist, with Mike Mignola returning for the next miniseries. 2011 - Multiple sources here, the shop, the letters from the editor, and the news blog

On April 9, 2011 Fegredo was one of 62 comics creators who appeared at the IGN stage at the Kapow! convention in London to set two Guinness World Records, the Fastest Production of a Comic Book, and Most Contributors to a Comic Book. With Guinness officials on hand to monitor their progress, writer Mark Millar began work at 9am scripting a 20-page black and white Superior comic book, with Fegredo and the other artists appearing on stage throughout the day to work on the pencils, inks, and lettering, including Dave Gibbons, Frank Quitely, John Romita Jr., Jock,. IGN. April 14, 2011 Doug Braithwaite, Ian Churchill, Olivier Coipel, Simon Furman, David Lafuente, John McCrea, Sean Phillips and Liam Sharp,. Guinness World Records. April 9, 2011 who all drew a panel each, with regular Superior artist Leinil Yu creating the book's front cover. The book was completed in 11 hours, 19 minutes, and 38 seconds, and was published through Icon on November 23, 2011, with all royalties being donated to Yorkhill Children's Foundation.

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