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Dmitry Lelyushenko : biography

1901 - July 20, 1987

Dmitry Danilovich Lelyushenko ( (October 20 (November 2) 1901 – July 20, 1987) was a Soviet military commander, Army General (1959).

Twice the Hero of the Soviet Union (April 7, 1940 and April 5, 1945), Hero of Czechoslovakia (May 30, 1970). Member of the CPSU from 1924.

Born in Rostov Oblast, ethnically Ukrainian.

He commanded the 1st Guards Special Rifle Corps in October 1941. For nine days, soldiers of the 1st Guards Rifle Corps heroically battled on fields outside Mtsensk. At the height of fight for the city of Mtsensk where the tankmen of the 4th tank brigade (colonel M.E. Katukov) especially distinguished themselves, Lelyushenko received an order to proceed to the 5th Army which was setting up defenses in the area of Mozhaysk... However, he did not command the 5th Army for long—in one of the fights he was badly wounded, and was sent to hospital in Gorky.

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