Demetrio B. Lakas bigraphy, stories - President of Panama

Demetrio B. Lakas : biography

August 29, 1925 - November 2, 1999

Demetrio Basilio Lakas Bahas (August 29, 1925 in Colón, PanamaNovember 2, 1999 in Panama City) was president of Panama from December 19, 1969 to October 11, 1978. Lakas graduated from Texas Tech University in 1963 and was honored as a distinguished alumnus in 1970.

Lakas' presidency was primarily during rule of military officer Omar Torrijos, and was marked by media censorship and suppression of opposition movements. He also negotiated the 1977 Torrijos–Carter Treaty that transferred control of the Panama Canal from the US to Panama.

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