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David Wohl is an American comic book writer and editor. He is best known as an editor at Marvel Comics and Top Cow Productions and, at the latter, writing The Darkness and Witchblade.



Born in New York City, David Wohl began his creative career as a high school intern at Marvel Comics. He later became an assistant editor on titles ranging from Spider-Man to X-Men, and later still was promoted to managing editor.

In 1993,Wohl left Marvel to become editor-in-chief and executive vice president of Top Cow Productions, eventually becoming president in 1999. While at Top Cow, he co-created and wrote such comic book franchises as The Darkness, Witchblade, and Aphrodite IX. He worked as a producer on the Witchblade television series that aired on TNT for two seasons. Several episodes of the series were based on Wohl's original story ideas.

In 2003, Wohl joined John Woo's Tiger Hill Entertainment as creative director, working with Clive Barker on Demonik for Majesco Publishing and with Woo on Stranglehold for Midway Games.

In 2006, Wohl became vice president of development for the fledgling animation company Blockade. As of the late 2000s, the company has four shows in production, led by a television series based on Sony's Heavenly Sword videogame franchise.

Wohl has also worked on comics for HBO's True Blood and New Regency's Se7en franchise. After a two-year stint as editor-in-chief of Radical Comics, David resumed his role at Blockade, and is currently creating and writing several new projects with Aspen Comics.

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