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May 3, 1969 -

Daryl Furumi Mallett (born May 3, 1969 in Los Angeles, California) is an American author, editor and publisher,.


In the writing world, some of Mallett duties include being series editor of SFRA Press' Studies in Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror; associate editor for Gryphon Publications, Other Worlds and Hardboiled; contributing writer for Water Conditioning & Purification and M&V Magazine, among others; assistant editor at Xenos Books; founder and owner of Angel Enterprises, and publisher and editor of Jacob's Ladder Books.

He also works as a reporter for four newspapers in Pinal County (Copper Basin News, Pinal Nugget, San Manuel Miner, Superior Sun); director of marketing and business development at a bookkeeping firm in Arizona; technical writing lead for an e-commerce company in California; and writing books for publishers in South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Ohio and California.

Mallett also freelances as a Senior Outside Research Associate at The International Research Center in Phoenix, working on business and competitive intelligence, corporate strategy, management consulting and technical writing, mainly in the telecommunications, Internet and e-Commerce markets, as well as providing the initial layout on the Arizona Telecommunications & Information Council (ATIC) Monthly Events Calendar.

Film and Television

In the film and television world, Mallett is the founder and producer at Dustbunny Productions, marketing director and assistant to the producer at Caribou Moving Pictures, associate producer for Draco Productions and a producer at Paddlefoot Productions.

Prior to this, he was a data management administrator for Productive Data Solutions on contract to Raytheon Missile Systems; editor at Valley Publishing of three regional newspapers in Mesa/Gilbert; editor at World Publishing of four community newspapers and associate editor/reporter on an as-needed basis for 26 other newspapers and three magazines in Arizona and Nevada. In January 2004, he co-founded Prismic Publishing, a newspaper publishing company which launched its first product in July of that year and went on to publish nine monthly newspapers.

Published Works

Published works include a poetry anthology Full Frontal Poetry (w/Chaelyn L. Hakim and Frances McConnel, 1991); Reginald's Science Fiction and Fantasy Awards: A Comprehensive Guide to the Awards and Their Winners (w/Robert Reginald) 2nd Ed. (1991), 3rd Ed. (1993), 4th Ed. (2010); The State and Province Vital Records Guide (w/Michael and Mary Burgess, 1993); The Work of Jack Vance: An Annotated Bibliography and Guide (w/Jerry Hewett, 1994); The Work of Elizabeth Chater: An Annotated Bibliography and Guide (w/Annette Y. Mallett, 1994); Imaginative Futures: Proceedings of the 1993 Science Fiction Research Association Conference (ed. w/Milton T. Wolf, 1995); Pilgrims and Pioneers: The History and Speeches of the Science Fiction Research Association Award Winners (ed. w/Pilgrim Award winner Hal W. Hall, 2001) and Falcon Field (2009). He also served as Associate Editor on Pilgrim Award winner Robert Reginald's massive Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature, 1975-1991 (1992) and Editorial Assistant on Mark Goldstein’s Arizona Telecommunications and Information Council Multitenant Building Telecommunications Access Study (2000). His first comic book, Hero-Lore #1, was released at the International ComicCon in San Diego in 1999.

His work has appeared in magazines and newspapers as diverse as Alta Mesa Times, Anticipatia, Books at UCR, Buzz, The Clearwater Chronicle, ConNotations, Copper Basin News, Environmental Times, Gilbert Lifestyle, The Grapevine, Hieroglyphs, International Ground Water, ISFA Newsletter, The Islands Current, M&V Magazine, The Newspaper of Cooper Commons, Northeast Mesa Lifestyle, Overstreet’s FAN, Perry Rhodan Magazine, The Pet Gazette, The Pinal Nugget, Red Mountain Times, Riverside Review, The San Manuel Miner, Senior Lifestyle, SFRA Newsletter, SFRA Review, SoCal Cinema News, Springfield Sunrise, Sun Lakes 2 Update, The Superior Sun, Superstition Springs Community News, Thirteen, Trails & Paths, Val Vista Lakes Community News, Ventana View, Water Conditioning & Purification, Water Technology, and more, as well as in volumes for The Borgo Press, Greenwood Press, Gryphon Publications, Jai Press, M&V Publications, St. James Press and Salem Press. He has been published in the United States, Canada, Ireland, Switzerland and Romania. Of his hundreds of publications, the two which have garnered him the most recognition are "Tongue-Tied: Bubo's Tale" in Star Wars: Tales from Jabba's Palace (ed. by Kevin J. Anderson, Bantam Books, 1996) and the storyline from the two-part Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Birthright" (w/Barbra Wallace, Arthur Loy Holcomb and George Brozak). This makes him one of only a handful of writers in the world to have worked on both Star Trek and Star Wars.

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