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August 4, 1967 -

Daniel Gross (born 1967) is an American journalist and author. Since July 2012 he has been editor of global finance for Daily Beast/Newsweek. He was formerly Senior Editor at Newsweek, and between 2010 and 2012 was employed at Yahoo! Finance. A native of East Lansing, Michigan, Gross graduated from East Lansing High School (1985) and Cornell University (B.A., 1989), and holds an A.M. (1991) in American history from Harvard University.


  • Forbes Greatest Business Stories of All Time (Wiley, 1997) (ISBN 0471196533)
  • Bull Run: Wall Street, the Democrats, and the New Politics of Personal Finance (PublicAffairs, 2000) (ISBN 1891620290)
  • Generations of Corning: 150 Years in the Life of a Global Corporation, 1851-2001 (Oxford University Press, 2001), co-authored with Davis Dyer (ISBN 0195140958)
  • Pop!: Why Bubbles Are Great For The Economy (Collins, 2007) (ISBN 0061151548)
  • Dumb Money: How our Greatest Financial Minds Bankrupted the Nation (Free Press, 2009). (ISBN 1439159874)
  • Better, Stronger, Faster: The Myth of American Decline . . . and the Rise of a New Economy (Free Press, 2012). (ISBN 1451621280)


From 2007 through August 2010, Gross was a senior editor at Newsweek, where he wrote the "Contrary Indicator" column.

"Before joining Newsweek in the spring of 2007, Mr. Gross wrote the "Economic View" column in the New York Times, was a contributing writer to New York, and contributed regularly to magazines such as Fortune and Wired. From 1998-2007, Gross served as the editor of STERNBusiness, a semi-annual academic magazine on economics and management published by the New York University Stern School of Business".

For Newsweek Gross wrote the weekly "Contrary Indicator" column. He also wrote a twice-weekly "Moneybox" column for Slate, which also appeared on Newsweek.com.

In September 2010 it was announced that Gross was joining the staff of Yahoo! Finance where he wrote a regular column. In an early Yahoo Finance column, Gross was identified as "economics editor and columnist".

In July 2012 he became editor of global finance for Daily Beast/Newsweek."Dan Gross Returning to Newsweek," . [retrieved August 8, 2012] "'I’ll be writing a column for the magazine and Daily Beast and helping to run and grow a small-business vertical,' said Gross".], July 20, 2012].

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