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Dagoberto Godoy : biography

July 22, 1893 - September 8, 1960

Dagoberto Godoy Fuentealba (July 22, 1893 in Temuco – September 8, 1960 in Santiago de Chile) was a Chilean pilot and the first person to fly over the Andes.

Lieutenant Dagoberto Godoy took part in South America's first military flying race in July 1916. The Chilean Army had sent 3 Blériot monoplanes to Buenos Aires.

Godoy took off to his most famous flight on December 12, 1918 in El Bosque, south of Santiago. He flew at an altitude of and landed in Lagunitas, close to Mendoza, Argentina, after one hour and 35 minutes.

In 1919, Godoy became a "capitan" of the Chilean air force. He left the army in 1942.

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