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Craig Mathieson (born 1971) is an Australian music journalist and writer. His books include, Hi Fi Days (1996) and The Sell-In (2000).


Craig Mathieson was born in 1971 and grew up in rural Victoria. At the age of 18, he started writing professionally about rock & roll, contributing to daily newspapers and rock magazines both in Australia and overseas. He became the editor of Juice, one of Australia's leading pop culture magazines, at 23.

Hi Fi Days (1996) is a biography of three leading Australian bands, Silverchair, Spiderbait and You Am I. The Sell-In (2000) documents the rise of the Australia's alternative music scene and how that success attracted the interest of the music industry's major labels.

As from October 2010, Mathieson works freelance for a number of publications, including Rolling Stone (Australia), The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, GQ and HQ.

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