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Christina of Norway : biography

- 1213
For the Norwegian princess who married an Infante of Castile, see Christina of Norway, Infanta of Castile.

Christina Sverresdatter (Old Norse: Kristín Sverrisdóttir) (died 1213) was a medieval Norwegian princess and titular queen consort, spouse of co-regent King Philip Simonsson.


Christina was the daughter of King Sverre Sigurdsson of Norway (died 1202) and his queen consort, Margaret of Sweden. Her father died in 1202, and her mother returned to Sweden, being forced to leave Christina behind. Her marriage was arranged as a part of reconciliation between the Bagler and Birkebeiner parties: In 1208, with no side looking able to achieve victory, bishop Nikolas and the other bishops managed to broker a peace deal between the Baglers and the Birkebeiners. At the settlement of Kvitsøy, the Birkebeiner king, Inge II of Norway, recognized Philip's rule over the eastern third of the country, in return for Philip giving up the title of king and recognizing Inge as his overlord. To seal the agreement, Philip was to marry king Sverre's daughter, Christina. In 1209, she married Philip Simonsson, king of the Bagler party. She died in labour giving birth to their first child, a son, who also died soon after.

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