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Chris Wood (jazz musician) : biography

November 25, 1969 -

Christopher Barry Wood (born November 25, 1969) is an American bass player, best known for playing with the avant-garde jazz-funk trio Medeski Martin & Wood (MMW).


Born in Pasadena, California, Wood formed MMW in 1991 with John Medeski and Billy Martin.

Wood also collaborates with his brother Oliver Wood as The Wood Brothers. Their debut studio release, entitled Ways Not to Lose, was produced by John Medeski.

Wood plays both upright and electric basses. One technique he uses on the upright bass involves using a drumstick as a slide near the bridge of the bass. Wood bows between the drumstick and the bridge to produce a high-pitched, warbling sound, similar to a theremin. Wood is also known to insert a sheet of notation paper behind and between the strings of his bass which creates a unique "snare bass" sound, an adaption of a technique devised on the double bass by Bertram Turetzky. This is featured on the Medeski, Martin, and Wood recording of "Paper Bass" on the album "Friday Afternoon in the Universe" (1995).

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