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Choi Mu-Bae : biography

June 27, 1970 -

Choi Mu-Bae (최무배, born June 27, 1970 in Busan), often anglicised to Mu-Bae Choi, is a South Korean former heavyweight Greco-Roman wrestler and now mixed martial artist, who is associated with Team Tackle and KPW Korea.

Mixed martial arts

Choi made his mixed martial arts debut in 2004 at Pride FC when he defeated Yusuke Imamura, who was also a former wrestler.

He has a professional MMA record of 9-4 as of February 25, 2011. Choi was scheduled to fight in K-1 Dynamite!! USA in Los Angeles against "Mighty" Mo Siliga on June 2, 2007. Choi however pulled out of the event for undisclosed reasons.

Choi debuted in Sengoku at the Sengoku 3 event on June 8, 2008, losing against the Brazilian fighter Marcio Cruz.

As for his Japanese-language nickname Fuchin-kan, Fuchin means "unsinkable", and Kan simultaneously means "warship" and "[South] Korea".

Mixed martial arts record

|- |Loss |align=center|9-4 | Yoshihiro Nakao |Decision (unanimous) |World Victory Road Presents: Sengoku 9 | |align=center|3 |align=center|5:00 |Saitama, Japan | |- |Win |align=center|9-3 | Katsuhisa Fujii |Decision (unanimous) |Pancrase - Changing Tour 3 | |align=center|2 |align=center|5:00 |Tokyo, Japan | |- |Win |align=center|8-3 | Dave Herman |TKO (punches) |World Victory Road Presents: Sengoku no Ran 2009 | |align=center|2 |align=center|2:22 |Saitama, Japan | |- |Loss |align=center|7-3 | Márcio Cruz |Submission (triangle armbar) |World Victory Road Presents: Sengoku 3 | |align=center|1 |align=center|4:37 |Saitama, Japan | |- |Win |align=center|7-2 | Gary Goodridge |KO (punch) |The Khan 1 | |align=center|2 |align=center|N/A |Seoul, South Korea | |- |Win |align=center|6-2 | Masayuki Kono |Technical Submission (arm-triangle choke) |Pancrase - Blow 10 | |align=center|2 |align=center|1:36 |Tokyo, Japan | |- |Loss |align=center|5-2 | Sylvester Terkay |Decision (unanimous) |Hero's 2005 in Seoul | |align=center|2 |align=center|5:00 |Seoul, South Korea | |- |Loss |align=center|5-1 | Sergei Kharitonov |KO (punches) |PRIDE 29 | |align=center|1 |align=center|3:24 |Saitama, Japan | |- |Win |align=center|5-0 | Giant Silva |Submission (arm-triangle choke) |PRIDE Shockwave 2004 | |align=center|1 |align=center|5:47 |Saitama, Japan | |- |Win |align=center|4-0 | Soa Palelei |Submission (rear naked choke) |PRIDE 28 | |align=center|2 |align=center|4:55 |Saitama, Japan | |- |Win |align=center|3-0 | Murad Ammaev |TKO (suplex and punches) |Gladiator FC - Day 2 | |align=center|1 |align=center|0:18 |Seoul, South Korea | |- |Win |align=center|2-0 | Yoshihisa Yamamoto |Decision (unanimous) |PRIDE Bushido 3 | |align=center|2 |align=center|5:00 |Yokohama, Japan | |- |Win |align=center|1-0 | Yusuke Imamura |Submission (rear naked choke) |PRIDE Bushido 2 | |align=center|1 |align=center|4:08 |Yokohama, Japan |

Personal life

He was born in Busan, South Korea, on June 27, 1970.

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