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24 March 1950 -

Charlie Cho Cha Lee (曹查理), a famous male actor in Hong Kong pornography films, especially during the 1980s. His over-acting approach can be regarded as one of the trademarks of Hong Kong soft porn films. He also worked in mainstream films, such as the Jackie Chan feature Police Story.


Feature Films

Year Title Role
1979 Bedtime Stories
1982 Old Man and the Kid
Plain Jane to the Rescue Sand's son
The 82 Tenants Developer
My Darling, My Goddess Gay man
1983 Fast Fingers Cad in Casino
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Let's Make Laugh Fong's fiance
Just for Fun Big Mouth/Charlie
1984 The Intellectual Trio Smarty
Aces Go Places III: Our Man from Bond Street Tso
Prince Charming Chen Pi Hou
Aces Go Places II Wong
My Darling Genie
The Ghost Informer Charles
I Will Finally Knock You Down, Dad! Bird Fight Referee
The Owl vs. Bumbo Bank Manager
1985 Danger Has Two Faces
My Name Ain't Suzie
The Flying Mr. B
Love with the Perfect Stranger
Fascinating Affairs
Girl with the Diamond Slipper Film Director Chi
Let's Have a Baby
Police Story
1986 Sweet Surrender
Who's the Crook?
Ghost Snatchers Crazy De
Sweet Sixteen
Rosa Li Wei-Feng
Happy Ghost III Rock Hudson
Last Song in Paris Charles
The Innocent Interloper cameo
2001 Electrical Girl Dr. Y.W. Wong
The Young Ones Uncle Nam
Snake Monster
2006 Bet to Basic
2008 Memoirs of the Last Samurai's Geisha
2011 Punished

TV series

Year Title
2000 Showbiz Tycoon
2001 To Where He Belongs

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  • Julian Cheung (nephew)
  • Anita Yuen (niece-in-law)
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