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Caitlin Cary : biography

October 28, 1968 –

Caitlin Cary (born October 28, 1968, East Cleveland, Ohio) is an alt-country musician.

Born to Hall Cary and Carol Campbell Thomas in East Cleveland, Caitlin Cary was raised with her half-brothers, Brian, Craig, and Keith Thomas, in East Cleveland and Cleveland Heights. She began playing the violin at age six. She attended the College of Wooster in Ohio. She joined the band Whiskeytown in 1994, as a graduate student at North Carolina State University.

Cary released her first solo EP, Waltzie, in 2000. She has since released two full-length solo albums and an album of duets with Thad Cockrell. Cary has collaborated on albums with such artists as Tres Chicas, Alejandro Escovedo, Kenny Roby, and Greg Hawks and The Tremblers.


Albums with Whiskeytown

  • Faithless Street (1995)
  • Strangers Almanac (1997)
  • Pneumonia (2001)

Solo albums

  • While You Weren’t Looking (2002)
  • I’m Staying Out (2003)
  • Sweetwater (2004) (as Tres Chicas with Tonya Lamm & Lynn Blakey)
  • Begonias (2005; with Thad Cockrell)
  • Bloom, Red & the Ordinary Girl (2006; as Tres Chicas)

Solo EP

  • Waltzie (2000)

The Small Ponds

  • Caitlin Cary & Matt Douglas Are The Small Ponds (2010)

Caitlin is currently pairing up with Matt Douglas who is the lead singer and songster for The Proclivities. They paired up to perform in Raleigh’s annual Love Hangover show, which features a male/female duo singing love song covers. They enjoyed singing together and went on to create the group Small Ponds. An EP was released on Last Chance Records in September 2010.