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Bunny Wailer : biography

10 April 1947 –

Bunny Wailer, (born Neville O’Riley Livingston, 10 April 1947, Jamaica), also known as Bunny Livingston and affectionately as Jah B, is a singer songwriter and percussionist and was an original member of reggae group The Wailers along with Bob Marley and Peter Tosh. A three-time Grammy award winner, he is considered one of the longtime standard bearers of reggae music. He has been named by Newsweek as one of the three most important musicians in world music.", BBC Music

Solo discography


  • Blackheart Man (1976) Island/Solomonic
  • Protest (1977) Island/Solomonic
  • Struggle (1978) Solomonic
  • Dubd’sco vol.1 (1978) Solomonic
  • In I Father’s House (1979) Solomonic
  • Dubd’sco vol.2 (1981) Solomonic
  • Rock ‘n’ Groove (1981) Solomonic
  • Sings the Wailers (1981) Island/Solomonic
  • Tribute (1981) Solomonic
  • Hook Line & Sinker (1982) Solomonic
  • Roots Radics Rockers Reggae (1983) Shanachie

(international re-release of In I Father’s House + 2 extra tracks)

  • Live! (1983) Solomonic
  • Marketplace (1985) Solomonic
  • Rootsman Skanking (1987) Shanachie

(international re-release of Rock And Groove edited version plus 3 extra tracks)

  • Rule Dance Hall (1987) Shanachie
  • Liberation (1989) Shanachie
  • Time Will Tell: A Tribute to Bob Marley (1990) Shanachie

(international re-release of Tribute + 2 extra tracks)

  • Gumption (1990) Shanachie
  • The Never Ending Wailers (1991)
  • Dance Massive (1992)
  • Just Be Nice (1993) RAS
  • Hall of Fame: A Tribute to Bob Marley’s 50th Anniversary (1996) RAS
  • Communication (2000) Solomonic/Tuff Gong
  • World Peace (2003) Solomonic
  • Rub A Dub (2007) Solomonic
  • Cross Culture (2009) Solomonic
  • Combinations Vol.1 (2009) Solomonic
  • Blackheart Man (Remastered & Extended) (2009) Solomonic


  • Retrospective (1995) Shanachie
  • Winning Combinations: Bunny Wailer & Dennis Brown (2002) Universal Special Products (with Dennis Brown)
  • Crucial! Roots Classics (2005) RAS
  • The Wailers Legacy (2006) Solomonic (Bunny Wailer & The Wailers)


  • Live (2005) Video Music, Inc.

Appearances on DVD compilations

  • A Reggae Session (1988) Sony BMG, features "Roots, Radics, Rockers and Reggae" and "Rise and Shine"

Early life and the Wailers

Bunny Wailer and Bob Marley were raised in the same household as stepbrothers.Steffens, Roger "", nutsie.com, Melodeo, Inc. Bunny’s father Thaddeus "Toddy" Livingston lived with Bob Marley’s mother Cedella Booker and had a daughter with her named Pearl Livingston. Peter had a son, Andrew Tosh, with another of Bunny’s sisters, Shirley, making Andrew his nephew.

As he was by some way the least forceful of the trio, he tended to sing lead vocals less often than Marley and Tosh in the early years, but when Bob Marley left Jamaica in 1966 for Delaware, to be replaced by Constantine "Vision" Walker, he began to record and sing lead on some of his own compositions, such as "Who Feels It Knows It", "I Stand Predominant" and "Sunday Morning". His music was very influenced by gospel and the soul of Curtis Mayfield. In 1967, he recorded "This Train", based on a gospel standard for the first time at Studio One.

He was arrested on charges of possession of cannabis in June 1967 and served a 14-month prison sentence."", Jamaica Observer, 25 November 2012. Retrieved 25 November 2012