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March 2, 1965 -

Bruce "Einstein" Bouillet ( born February 3, 1965, in Memphis, TN) is a guitarist who played in the bands Racer X, The Scream, DC-10, and Epidemic.

G3 Tour

Bouillet completed a G3 tour that featured Paul Gilbert, John Petrucci, and Joe Satriani. Bouillet was in Gilbert's band for the tour.


Bouillet formed the band Epidemic on Elektra Records in 2001. In 2002, the band released an album. They toured as the opening act for Nickelback, Sinch, Seether, Jerry Cantrell, Default, and other bands. In 2003, the band had a song on the Madden NFL: 2003 video game. That same year, the group disbanded.

After Epidemic, Bouillet produced theme music for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) wrestler, Triple H. The WWE album went gold. In 2005, Bouillet won a Grammy for his work with Bob Kulick on the production, recording, and mixing Motörhead's cover of Metallica's "Whiplash".

From 2005-2007, he joined with Bottom Dwellerz Productions and co-produced the Bottom Dwellerz album.

It was announced on 8/9/2011 that Bouillet had become the new guitarist of Asia, featuring John Payne.


With Racer X

  • Second Heat (1987)
  • Extreme Volume Live (1988)
  • Extreme Volume II Live (1992)

With The Scream

  • Let It Scream (1991)
  • Takin' It To The Next Level (unreleased)

With DC-10

  • Co-Burn (1995)

With Paul Gilbert solo

  • King of Clubs (1998)
  • Flying Dog (1998)

With The Bottom Dwellerz

  • (2006)
  • (2006)


  • Unspoken (2007)
  • Interventions (2008)
  • Interventions (Japan Release, 2009)


  • Jeffology - A Guitar Chronicle, Shrapnel, (1995)

Racer X

Bouillet played on Racer X's Second Heat, Live Extreme - Vol.I, and Live Extreme - Vol. II. After leaving the band, he joined former Angora singer John Corabi, and his former Racer X bandmates John Alderete and Scott Travis to form the band The Scream. Scott Travis soon left to join Judas Priest and was replaced by Walt Woodward III. After several attempts to keep the group together, the band broke up.

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