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4 June 1952 -

Bronisław Maria Komorowski (born 4 June 1952) is a Polish politician and historian who has been President of Poland since 2010. As Marshal of the Sejm (Speaker of Parliament), Komorowski exercised powers and duties of head of state following the death of President Lech Kaczyński in a plane crash on 10 April 2010. Komorowski was the governing Civic Platform party's candidate in the resulting 2010 presidential election, which he won in the second round of voting on 4 July 2010. He was sworn in as full-time President on 6 August 2010. Komorowski is thus the second person to serve on two occasions as the Polish head of state since 1918 after Maciej Rataj. Rataj, however, was twice Acting President, while Komorowski first acted as President, and then became elected President.

Komorowski was the Minister of Defence from 2000 to 2001.

President of Poland

Acting President

Komorowski became Acting President on 10 April 2010 following the death of President Lech Kaczyński. His first decision was to announce seven days of national mourning beginning on 10 April. According to the Constitution of Poland, Komorowski was required to set a date for the next presidential election within 14 days of assuming the position, the election date coming within 60 days of that announcement. On 21 April, his office announced that the election would be held on 20 June. BBC News, 21 April 2010 In the election, he got 41.54% of votes in the first round and then faced Jarosław Kaczyński, who got 36.46% of votes in the first round.

In the runoff Komorowski was elected President (8 933 887 valid votes, 53,01%) and formally took office on 6 August 2010.


Following the death of the chief of the Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland, Władysław Stasiak, Komorowski appointed Jacek Michałowski to succeed him on an acting basis. A high number of vacancies following the Smolensk crash necessitated numerous other appointments. On 12 April, he appointed retired General Stanisław Koziej head of the National Security Bureau in place of the late Aleksander Szczygło.

On 29 April 2010, Komorowski signed into law a parliamentary act that reformed the Institute of National Remembrance.

On 27 May 2010, Komorowski nominated Marek Belka, former Finance Minister and Prime Minister (2004–2005) of a then-leftist government, to be the President of the National Bank of Poland in place of the late Sławomir Skrzypek.

Following his election, Komorowski announced that he would resign from the Sejm on 8 July 2010, and thus cease to be Marshal and Acting President (his successor as Acting President was the next Marshal of the Sejm Grzegorz Schetyna, who held the position for about a month before Komorowski's formal inauguration). Komorowski currently resides and works in the Belweder Palace instead of the Presidential Palace.

Dissident activity

In the People's Republic of Poland Komorowski took part in the democratic movement as an underground publisher and co-operated with Antoni MacierewiczMariusz Janicki, Polityka Weekly, Kraj; 28 March 2010. on the monthly Głos. In 1980 he was sentenced along with activists of the Movement for Defense of Human and Civic Rights to one month in prison for organizing a demonstration on 11 November 1979 (the judge who presided the trial was Andrzej Kryże). From 1980 to 1981 he worked in the Centre of Social Investigation of NSZZ "Solidarity". On 27 September 1981, he was one of the signatories of the founding declaration of the Clubs in the Service of Independence. He was interned while Poland was under martial law. From 1981 to 1989 he taught at the Lower Seminary in Niepokalanów.

Early life and education

Bronisław Maria Komorowski was born in Oborniki Śląskie. Komorowski is the son of Count Zygmunt Leon Komorowski (1925–1992)Andrzej Hennel, (Genealogical Tree of Bronisław Komorowski. The candidate of the Korczak Coat-of-Arms.) Part two: "Kuzynka księżna z Belgii", Polityka Weekly, Warsaw, 15 June 2010. and Jadwiga Komorowska (née Szalkowska) .Andrzej Stankiewicz, Piotr Śmiłowicz, Zofia Wojtkowska, (Bronisław Komorowski. A man's ability to go with the flow of life.) Part 1 of 4. Newsweek Polska, 19 March 2010. Korczak Coat of Arms The Komorowski family, which held the Korczak coat of arms, owned land in the Żywiec region of southern Poland,Andrzej Hennel, Part one: Historie polskich rodów, Polityka Weekly, Warsaw, 15 June 2010. as well as properties in northern Lithuania in Aukštaitija, the ancestral home of Bronisław Komorowski's paternal branch. Its residence was in Kavoliškis manor (Rokiškis district). The family received the title of count from Matthias Corvinus, a 15th-century King of Hungary. The title was later confirmed by the Austrian emperor.

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