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August 12, 1962 -

"The Reverend" Bob Levy (born August 12, 1962) is an American stand-up comedian, radio personality and former wrestler who is most well known as the host of the comedy roasts and frequent guest on the Opie and Anthony Show. He's best known as being a regular personality on the Howard Stern Show as well as being the co-host of the Miserable Men show on Howard 101, and his stand-up comedy performances on the Killers of Comedy tour.

Before his career as a comedian, Levy worked as a landscaper, a painter and a wrestler at the semi-professional level under the name "Heartbreaker" Bobby Slayer. During Levy's early days in comedy, former Stern show writer Jackie Martling awarded Levy the title "Reverend." When asked why he was given the name in an article, Levy replied "...because I was a filthy fuckin' pig, and he wanted to call me the opposite of what I was doing onstage...”.

Levy was heard daily on the Kidd Chris morning show on WYSP in Philadelphia as an on-air guest, until they were fired in May 2008. Levy also opened a weekend comedy club in Levittown, Pennsylvania and three other comedy clubs in Easton, Florida and one opening in New Jersey.

On September 14, 2008 Levy was defeated by a knock-out in a boxing match by Danny Bonaduce in the second round.

Bob was raised on Great Kills Staten Island New York.

In June 2008, Levy married his wife Christine, and they currently reside in Greenville, South Carolina.

In April 2010 Levy quit the Miserable Men after disputes with channel management over plug placement during The Howard Stern Show. After quitting he started the Levy World Order comedy tour which also featured professional wrestler Raven whos last name is also Levy.

In October 2011, Bob was interviewed by the Bucks County Courier Times and stated that he is contemplating retirement in January 2012, due to waning interest in so-called "Benefit Comedy," wherein a comedian will perform for small group of people (often for free) in order to raise money for obscure people/causes.

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