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Bob Guccione, Jr. : biography

September 19, 1955 -

Robert Charles Guccione, Jr. (born September 19, 1955, in New York, New York) is the eldest son of Penthouse founder Bob Guccione. He is best known for founding music magazine Spin.

Personal life

Guccione has dated several well-known and powerful women, which include journalist & Spin contributor Celia Farber, political commentator Ann Coulter, heiress Julianna Storne, and Sex and the City author Candace Bushnell. He has been married to the former Kimberlin Grace Brown since September 22, 2001.

Guccione was verbally attacked by Axl Rose in the Guns N' Roses song "Get in the Ring", along with a number of other people related to the music industry.

Publishing career

In 1978, after two attempts at going into the publishing business on his own, the young, London-raised Guccione went to work for Penthouse publisher General Media International, a company owned by his father, Penthouse founder Bob Guccione. By the early 1980s, at which time he was running the marketing and circulation department, he left the company (and purported position as heir apparent) to once again attempt to establish his own brand.

Launching of Spin magazine (1985)

In 1985, with a loan from his father, he launched Spin. In 1987, his father abruptly shut down the magazine after General Media experienced a financial dip. These events resulted in an estrangement between the two which lasted until the elder Guccione's passing October 20, 2010. The younger Guccione found new investors and relaunched Spin in late 1987. He managed to gather most of the magazine's old staff, and missed only one month of publication.

In 1996, Guccione and Spin were sued for sexual harassment and discrimination by Staci Bonner, a former fact-checker for the magazine. He was cleared of the harassment charges, but found liable for promoting a hostile work environment and not paying Bonner comparably to a man with a comparable job position.

Guccione sold Spin to Vibe in 1997, and shortly thereafter founded Gear, which published until 2003. In 2005, science magazine Discover was purchased from Disney Publishing, Guccione formed Discover Media, LLC to publish the magazine. In 2007, Guccione was ousted as CEO, in what was described by the New York Post as "a falling-out over philosophical differences with his financial backers about how to run the company."

Gear Magazine (1998-2003)

Gear was launched in published in the United Kingdom devoted chiefly to revealing pictorials of popular singers, B-movie actresses, and models, along with articles on gadgets, cars, fashion, guy tales of sex, and sports.

Gear debuted in September 1998, with actress Peta Wilson on the cover. The magazine established itself with several publishing stunts such as publishing a nude photo of Women's football celebrity Brandi Chastain.

Jessica Biel controversy

Gear reached its exposure apogee when it featured a nude pictorial of then 17-year-old actress Jessica Biel, who posed while appearing on the WB-TV family drama series 7th Heaven. A controversy arose when 7th Heaven castmate, actor Stephen Collins, who played her father on the series, described the pictures as "child pornography". Others praised it as a brave move by Biel.

 The publication, which reached a peak circulation of 500,000 copies sold in 2001, discontinued publication in 2003. 
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