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Bob Gable : biography

c. 1933 –

Robert Elledy Gable, known as Bob Gable (born c. 1933), is a businessman from Frankfort, who was the Kentucky Republican gubernatorial nominee in 1975. Gable lost in a landslide to the incumbent Democrat, Governor Julian Carroll. Carroll received 470,159 votes (62.8 percent) to Gable’s 277,998 (37.2 percent).

In 1995, Gable again sought the governor’s office, and lost in an even greater landslide in the Republican primary. With Shirley W. Palmer-Ball, his 1975 running mate reprising that role, Gable lost the primary with 17,054 votes (14.5 percent) to Larry Forgy and Tom Handy’s 97,099 votes (82.4 percent). Forgy, as the Republican nominee, was then defeated in the general election by the Democrat choice, Paul E. Patton.

Gable formerly resided in Stearns in McCreary County in south Kentucky. He and his wife, Emily T. Gable, now reside in Frankfort. He is a chairman of the Kentucky Republican Party.

In 2008, Gable was an at-large elector for the McCain/Palin ticket, which won a majority in Kentucky.