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April 9, 1966 -

Gregory Kevin "Bo" Kimble (born April 9, 1966 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) is a retired American college basketball player at Loyola Marymount University and professional National Basketball Association (NBA) player with the Los Angeles Clippers and New York Knicks. In the 1989–90 season, he led the 11th-seeded Loyola Marymount basketball team on a run to the regional finals of the NCAA Tournament after the death of teammate Hank Gathers.

Personal life

He starred in the 1991 movie Heaven is a Playground as fictional high-schooler Matthew Lockhart. Kimble co-founded and sits on the board of directors of Forty-Four for Life Foundation, a non-profit organization involved in reducing cardiac related fatalities By Ronak Patel, The Hoops Report, April 15, 2010

Los Angeles County declared July 17, 1990, "Bo Kimble Day" for "not only for his accomplishments on the court, but for providing a positive role model for Los Angeles' youth."

On March 7, 2011, Kimble traveled to Holland, Michigan, to meet with Fennville High School and Lawrence High School's varsity basketball team. Fennville had just lost their star player, Wes Leonard, after he collapsed and died moments after hitting the winning shot in the team's 57-55 overtime victory over Bridgman High school in the last game of the regular season. Leonard's death, caused by cardiac arrest due to an enlarged heart, occurred one day shy of the 21st anniversary of Hank Gathers passing.




Both Gathers and Kimble were recruited to the University of Southern California by Head Coach Stan Morrison and his top assistant, David Spencer. They were joined by high school All-American, Tom Lewis, and Rich Grande as the "Four Freshmen" star recruiting class.Harvey, Randy - . Los Angeles Times, May 13, 1986Florence, Mal - . Los Angeles Times, January 18, 1986. The young players--Hank Gathers, Tom Lewis, Bo Kimble and Rich Grande--all contributed Saturday afternoon as USC beat Arizona State, 81-72, at the Sports Arena. Following an 11-17 season coaching USC, Morrison and Spencer were fired after the 1985-86 season was over, despite winning the PAC-10 the previous year. It was reported that the players would not remain unless certain conditions were met, including having a say in the next coaching staff. USC hired George Raveling as the next head coach of the Trojans.Fleischman, Bill - . Philadelphia Daily News, March 28, 1986 Raveling gave the players a deadline to respond whether they would remain on the team. When they did not respond, he revoked the scholarships of Gathers, Kimble, and Lewis.Florence, Mal . Los Angeles Times, April 15, 1986 Raveling's controversialSands, Vernon - . Los Angeles Times, April 5, 1986 statement was, "You can't let the Indians run the reservation." "You've got to be strong, too. Sometimes you have to tell them that they have to exit," he said. Kimble and Gathers transferred together from USC to Loyola Marymount. Lewis transferred to Pepperdine. Grande remained at USC.

Loyola Marymount

After sitting out the 1986–87 season as required under NCAA rules for transfer students, the pair became the centerpiece of arguably the most entertaining college team in history. LMU's then-coach Paul Westhead installed an extraordinarily fast-paced game plan. On offense, the Lions typically took shots within 10 seconds of gaining possession, with many of the shots being three-pointers. The Lions' defense was a full-court press designed to force opponents into a frenzied up-and-down game. Kimble led the nation in scoring in 1990 averaging 35.3 points per game, and he was also a consensus second team All-American selection that year.NCAA 2010, p.23 Kimble's teams led Division I in scoring in 1988 (110.3 points per game), 1989 (112.5), and 1990 (122.4).NCAA 2010, p.39 LMU's 122.4 point per game in 1990 was still a record as of October 2010.NCAA 2010, p.5 As of October 2010, Loyola Marymount held the five highest combined score games in Division I history. Four of the five occurred during Kimble's career, including a record 331 in the 181–150 win over United States International University on January 31, 1989.NCAA 2010, pp.28–29

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