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Baldwin V, Count of Hainaut : biography

1150 - 17 December 1195

Baldwin V of Hainaut (1150 – 17 December 1195) was count of Hainaut (1171–1195), count of Flanders as Baldwin VIII (1191–1195) and margrave of Namur as Baldwin I (1189–1195).


With Margaret, Baldwin had the following issue:

  • Isabelle of Hainaut (Valenciennes, April 1170 – 15 March 1190, Paris), married king Philip II of France
  • Baldwin VI of Hainaut (1171–1205), also count of Flanders and Latin Emperor
  • Yolanda of Flanders (1175–1219), married Peter II of Courtenay, Latin Emperor
  • Philip I, Marquis of Namur (1175–1212)
  • Henry of Flanders (1176–1216), Latin Emperor
  • Sybille of Hainault (1179 – 9 January 1217), married c. 1197 Guichard IV, Sire de Beaujeu (d. 1216)
  • Eustace of Hainault (d. 1219), regent of the Kingdom of Thessalonica
  • Godfrey of Hainault


He was the son of Baldwin IV, Count of Hainaut. Flanders was acquired via his marriage to Margaret I of Flanders in 1169. Namur was acquired from his mother Alice of Namur.

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