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Auguste Duméril : biography

30 November 1812 - 12 November 1870

Auguste Henri André Duméril (30 November 1812 – 12 November 1870) was a French zoologist. His father, André Marie Constant Duméril (1774-1860), was also a zoologist. In 1869 he was elected as a member of the Académie des sciences.

Duméril studied at the University of Paris, and in 1844 became an associate professor of comparative physiology at the university. From 1857, he was a professor of herpetology and ichthyology at the Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle in Paris.

In 1851, with his father, he published Catalogue méthodique de la collection des Reptiles. New Zealand Journal of Zoology Aug 1977 With zoologist Marie Firmin Bocourt (1819–1904), he collaborated on a project called Mission scientifique au Mexique et dans l'Amérique Centrale, a publication that was the result of Bocourt's scientific expedition to Mexico and Central America from 1864 to 1866. The section on reptiles is considered to be Dumeril's best written effort in the field of herpetology. Etudes sur les reptiles et les batraciens Mission scientifique au Mexique et dans l'Amérique Centrale . Recherches zoologiques. Troisième partie, 1re section: .Études sur les reptiles et les batracians Duméril died in 1870 during the Siege of Paris, and Mission scientifique au Mexique et dans l'Amérique Centrale was continued by Bocourt, Léon Vaillant (1834–1914) and other scientists.

As part of the Collection des Suites à Buffon, he issued a two-volume ichthyological study titled Histoire naturelle des poissons, ou Ichtyologie générale (1865, 1870), Histoire naturelle des poissons, ou, Ichthyologie générale (1865) Histoire naturelle des poissons research that complemented the works of Georges Cuvier (1769–1832) and Achille Valenciennes (1794–1865) by describing species not covered by the two famous naturalists. Duméril also conducted significant research involving the axolotl (Ambystoma mexicanum). by Hans-Peter Schultze, Rodrigo Pellegrini

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