Ariel Sharon  bigraphy, stories - An Israeli military man, a political figure, the Prime minister of Israel

Ariel Sharon : biography

Ariel Sharon was born in a family of expatriate Russians in a Jewish settlement Kfar Malal. He studied to become an agronomist and when he was studying he decided to enter Jewish underground army. After Israel was proclaimed and the Arab-Israeli war of 1948 started, Ariel Sharon went to battlefront. Firstly he was at the head of reconnaissance group, in 1951 he became the officer of reconnaissance. In 1953 he set up the famous 101 detachment which fought against Palestinian group.

In 1958 Sharon went to England to study, in 1966 he attended jurisprudence courses in Tel Aviv. All these years he was in the army, in 60-s he was transferred to armoured troops.

In 1967 during the June war Sharon was the head of panzer division. In 1949 Ariel Sharon became the head of the South military district of Israel. In 1973 when he was a major general he retired from army, but in October when Yom Kippur was started Sharon returned to serve. Sharon was placed at the head of the 143 panzer division which forced a crossing over Suez Canal and surrounded Egyptians.

In 1973 Sharon was elected and got a seat in Israeli Parliament Knesseth. In 1974 Sharon became Prime Minister of Defence and he also held an office of Minister of Agriculture from 1977 to 1981, then he became minister of Defence again. Sharon organized and conducted an Israeli invasion in Lebanon. As a result of Kahan investigation commission he was admitted to be responsible for massacre in Palestinian flotsam camp and he was prohibited to be Minister of Defence for life.

From 1983 to 1999 Ariel Sharon was Minister for Trade and Industry, then Minister of Housing Construction and Foreign Affairs. In 1999 he became the head of a party “Likud”. In 2001 Sharon was elected to be the head of the government but his actions endangered the country economy – he increased benefits for having many children and liquidated military duty for orthodox people. To avoid disruption of economy he had to reduce social programs, decrease unemployment benefits, old age benefits, disability grants and hold up populist laws.

Sharon was criticized by conservative and liberal Israeli people. He came to power using tough and force methods, and his governance was the same. It was difficult for Sharon to retain the post of party leader and in 2005 “Likud” chose a new head. Sharon left the party and decided to organize his own party “Kadima”. Meanwhile Sharon’s health started to become worse and worse. In 2005 he undergo microstroke and in a year he was delivered in hospital with massive stroke. In spite of doctors’ actions Sharon has been in a coma till now.

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