Antoine Risso

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Antoine Risso : biography

7 August 1777 – 25 August 1845

Giuseppe Antonio Risso (8 April 1777 – 25 August 1845), called Antoine Risso, was a Niçard naturalist.

Risso was born in Nice, County of Nice, a part of the Duchy of Savoy, and studied under Giovanni Battista Balbis. He published ‘ (1810), ‘ (1826) and ‘ (1818–1822). Risso’s dolphin was named after him. He is denoted by the author abbreviation Risso when citing a botanical name; the same abbreviation is used for zoological names.

Genera and species named after him

  • Rissoa Freminville in Desmarest, 1814: a genus of gastropods.
  • Rissoella J. Agardh, 1849: a genus of algae.
  • Electrona risso (Cocco, 1829): a lanternfish.

Genera and species named by him

He named 549 marine genera and species.]: author Risso] IPNI gives 81 records for Risso.