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Anthony Williams is a Welsh comic book artist.


He broke into comics at Marvel UK, drawing for the series Action Force, The Real Ghostbusters and Transformers, among others. Subsequent British work has included the venerable science fiction comic 2000 AD, for which he has drawn features including Kola Commandos, Mean Arena, PJ Maybe and Robo-Hunter.

His best-known work includes DC Comics' Doctor Fate series Fate; writer Mark Millar's The Unfunnies for Avatar Press; and for Marvel Comics, the first X-Men movie adaptation, and the nine-issue run of Hokum & Hex, a superhero title created by author Clive Barker for Marvel's Razorline imprint.

Williams has additionally drawn issues of comics starring Batman, Spider-Man, Superman and Scooby-Doo, with notable work that includes Marvel's Squadron Supreme: New World Order bookshelf-format one-shot (Sept. 1998); DC's Elseworlds prestige-format one-shot "The Superman Monster" (Dec. 1999) and "Batman: Two Faces" (1998), and several issues of Games Workshop's Warhammer Monthly.

Williams additionally works as a commercial artist on national and international advertising and marketing campaigns; has illustrated children’s books; and has drawn concept art and storyboards for both live-action and animated films as well as television programs like Doctor Who.

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