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António José Severim de Noronha, 1st Duke of Terceira : biography

18 March 1792 - 26 April 1860

D. António José Severim de Noronha, 1st Duke of Terceira, 1st Marquis of Vila Flor (18 March 1792, Lisbon – 26 April 1860) was a Portuguese military officer, statesman and a leader of the Constitutionalist side in the Liberal Wars, as well as a Prime Minister of Portugal.

Later life

In July 1833, having been transported with half his army to the Algarve by Admiral Charles Napier, he was victorious at the Battle of Almada which caused the Miguelites to abandon Lisbon, and with the Duke of Saldanha was in charge of the concluding campaign against Miguel's forces, and dealt them their final defeat at the Battle of Asseiceira.

After liberal triumph, in 1834, he was four times Prime Minister of Portugal: from April to September 1836, from 1842 to 1846, for a few days in April–May 1851, and from March 1859 to his death on 26 April 1860.

Early life

António José de Sousa Manuel e Meneses Severim de Noronha was born on 18 March 1792, son of António de Sousa Manuel de Menezes Severim de Noronha, 6th Count of Vila Flor. He held the island of Terceira, in the Azores, for the rightful Queen Maria II of Portugal, when her uncle Miguel of Portugal usurped the Portuguese throne in 1828.

He was the leader of the army of Pedro IV of Portugal, former Emperor of Brazil and King of Portugal, father of Queen Maria II, in his attempt to defeat the usurper, and with him endured the siege of Oporto, 1832/1833. After the Battle of Ponte Ferreira on 23 July 1832, he offered to resign his command but was confirmed and created Duke of Terceira.

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