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Anna Radziwiłł (nobility) : biography

1476 - March 15, 1522

Anna Radziwiłłówna () (1475 or 1476–1522) was a Lithuanian noble woman and duchess of Masovia.

She was daughter of Mikołaj Radziwiłł and his first wife Zofia Moniwidówna. She was born in 1475 or 1476.

Anna was married to Konrad III Rudy of the Masovian Piast Dynasty between 29 September 1496 and 2 April 1497.

She died at night from 14 to 15 March 1522. She was buried in closter of Bernardin's in Warsaw.

She is one of the characters on the famous painting by Jan Matejko, Prussian Homage.

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