Andy Samberg : biography

August 18, 1978 -

Awards and nominations

Year Award Show Category Result
2011 Teen Choice Awards Choice Comedian
2012 Teen Choice Awards Choice Comedian

Personal life

Samberg was born in Berkeley, California. His mother, Marjorie "Margi" (née Marrow), is an elementary school teacher, and his father, Joe is a photographer. He has two sisters, Johanna and Darrow. His family is Jewish, and his maternal grandfather, industrial psychologist and philanthropist Alfred J. Marrow, served as the executive chair of the American Jewish Congress. He has also described himself as "not particularly religious.",, 9 November 2008; retrieved 14 May 2009. Samberg is a third cousin of U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin (their maternal grandfathers were first cousins).

Samberg discovered Saturday Night Live as a child, while sneaking past his parents to watch professional wrestling on television. He became obsessed with the show, and his devotion to comedy was frustrating to teachers who felt he was unfocused on his schoolwork. Samberg graduated from Berkeley High School in 1996, where he became interested in creative writing, and has stated: "[Writing classes] were the ones that I put all my effort into...that's what I cared about and that's what I ended up doing." He attended college at University of California, Santa Cruz, for two years before transferring to New York University for its acclaimed film school. He majored in experimental film, where he starred as "Monkey" in the music video for James Kochalka's song "Monkey vs. Robot". He graduated from NYU in 2000.

After five years of dating, Samberg announced his engagement to musician Joanna Newsom in February 2013.

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