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Andrew J. Offutt : biography

August 16, 1934 – April 30, 2013

Andrew Jefferson Offutt (August 16, 1934 – April 30, 2013) was an American science fiction and fantasy author. He wrote as John Cleve, Andrew J. Offutt, A. J. Offutt, and Andy Offutt. His normal byline, andrew j. offutt, has all his name in lower-case letters. He wrote dozens of erotic novels under pen-names and house-names such as John Cleve, Jeff Douglas, Farrah Fawkes, Baxter Giles, J X Williams, and Turk Winter,

Life and family

Offutt was born in in a log cabin in rural Kentucky. He was married for over 50 years to Jodie McCabe Offutt of Lexington, Kentucky. They had four children; author Chris Offutt, Jeff Offutt, Professor of Software Engineering at George Mason University, Scotty Hyde, copy editor for the Park City Daily News in Bowling Green, Kentucky, and Melissa Offutt, who is a sales executive for Sprint in San Diego. Offutt also had five grandchildren, Sam, Steffi, James, Joyce, and Andrew.


Offutt began publishing in 1954 with the story "And Gone Tomorrow" in If. Despite this early sale, he did not consider his professional life to have begun until he sold the story "Blacksword" to Galaxy in 1959. His first true SF novel was Evil Is Live Spelled Backwards in 1970. Offutt disliked the title of this book, calling it "embarrassingly amateur".

Offutt wrote and published numerous novels and short stories, including several in the "Thieves World" series edited by Robert Lynn Asprin and Lynn Abbey, which feature his best known character, the thief, Hanse, also known as Shadowspawn (and, later, Chance). His "Iron Lords" series, likewise, was popular. Offutt also wrote two series of books based on characters by Robert E. Howard, one on Howard’s best known character, Conan, and one on a lesser known character, Cormac mac Art. He also wrote the 19-book science fiction "Spaceways" series, over half of which were collaborations.

As an editor Offutt produced a series of five anthologies entitled Swords Against Darkness, which included the first professional sale by Charles de Lint. From 1976 to 1978 he served as president of the Science Fiction Writers of America (SFWA).

Offutt also wrote a large number of pornographic/erotic works under twelve different pseudonyms, not all of them identified. Known pseudonyms include . His main works in this area include the historical "Crusader" series.