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Anand Bakshi : biography

21 July 1920 – 30 March 2002

Anand Bakshi (21 July 1930 – 30 March 2002) was a popular Indian poet and lyricist.

Biography of Anand Bakshi

Early days

Anand Bakshi (Bakhshi Anand Prakash Vaid) was born in Rawalpindi, now in Pakistan, in 1930. His ancestors were Mohyal Brahmin from Kurree, near Rawalpindi, and had origins in Kashmir. His mother, Sumitra, died 1940, when he was 10. Bakshi’s family migrated to India (Delhi) on 2 October 1947, in the aftermath of the partition, when he was 17 years old. The family arrived in Lucknow and later they traveled to Delhi and settled there.

Time line:

Rashi – Brikh, (Cancer). Gotr – Bhardwaj. Sub Caste – Mohyal, Vaid. (Punjabi) Kul Devta, Snake. Birth name – Ishwardatt (Ishwardutt)

Mother Died – 1940. (at age 25, due to illness from a pregnancy)

Left school at age 13, after 9th Class (Cambridge College, Rawalpindi) – 6.3.1943.

Joined Royal Indian Navy as Anand Prakash, (they spelt his father’s name Prakash incorrectly, and mentione his age incorrectly as 12 July 1928), age 14, at Karachi (Rank – Boy 1) – 12.7.1944. Ship – H.M.I.S. Dilawar from 12.7.1944 to 4.4.1945.

Dismissed from Royal Indian Navy – 5.4.1946. (H.M.I.S. Bahadur, from 5.4.1945) (served Navy for 2 years)

Left Rawalpindi, Pakistan (due to Partition) (settled in Johar manzil, Arya Nagar, Lucknow, U.P.) – 2.10.1947, later the family shifted to Delhi.

Joined Army, Corps of Signals (Rank – Signal Man) (at Jubbulpore) (as Anand Prakash) – 15.11.1947. “Azad” was his Corps of Signals code name.

Discharged at his own request from Corps of Signals – 10.4.1950 (served Army for 2 years and 4 months. Army trade and qualification – Switch Board Operator Class III. His first published poem appeared in an Army publication, “Sainik Samachar”, under the name Anand Prakash Bakhshi, on the March 25, 1950 issue of Sainik Samachar. This gave him the confidence to try his luck in Hindi cinema as a writer.

The publication of this poem boosted his morale and gave him confidence to try in Hindi films as a writer and singer. While in the army he would write songs of the films he had seen just to get a feel of if he were the lyrics writer of that film what would he write. He would perform as a singer and actor in the theater plays, Bara Khambas, held on campus and earned the appreciation of his seniors too. All this fueled his dream to leave the Army once again for traveling to Bombay and join films. He wanted to become a singer. However, he failed the voice test at All India Radio, Delhi. Eventually he became a lyrics writer.

(Decades later, in the late 90’s, he wrote a special song for the Indian Military Academy, Dehra Dhun. He wrote a song for the Corps of Signals, on their invitation. After his death, the Corps of Signals established a “Bakshi Corner” in their Corps Museum.)

While in the Army, in 1950, in The Corps of Signals, on 24.1.50, he wrote an Aim in Life for himself. – “Every one in this world, rich or poor should have a definite aim in life. A man without any fixed purpose in life is like a ship without radder, at the mercy of the winds, powerless to control its course. So a person having no aim in life has nothing by which to guide his actions, or regulate his conduct. I, the undersigned, Anand Prakash Bakshi (AZAD.), intend to study music. For it is my aim in life to become an artist. And to achieve this, I must join films, radio, or theatre, and become a singer, songs composer, music director, director, etc.,.”

He arrived in Bombay (to find work in films) the 1st time – 1950.

On 22.12.1950, 11 am, he was told to report for a voice test at the AIR office, (All India Radio) at India Gate, New Delhi Station. But nothing came of it. He was helped to get this appointment by his maternal uncle Bali, an army officer.

After a year and no success he returned to join the Army (E.M.E. – The Corps of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers) – 1951. He joined the Army, E.M.E. as Anand Prakash Bakshi (The Corps of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers), Rank “Ex-Boy”. 16.2.1951. He Qualified in September 1953 as “Electrician Class III”, Jubbulpore, Lucknow.