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Alfred Józef Potocki : biography

29 July 1817 - 18 May 1889

Count Alfred Józef Potocki (29 July 1817 or 1822, Łańcut - 18 May 1889, Paris) was a Polish nobleman (szlachcic), landowner, and a liberal-conservative monarchist Austrian politician and Prime Minister.


The son of count Alfred Wojciech Potocki and princess Józefina Maria Czartoryska. He was born into a prominent noble family of Polish origin, although a subject of the Empire of Austria, and inherited the Łańcut ordynat estates from his father. His grandfather was the writer Jan Potocki, best known for his famous novel "The Manuscript Found in Saragossa". On 18 March 1851 in Sławuta, he married princess Maria Klementyna Sanguszko, heiress of the prominent Sanguszko princely family.

Alfred Józef Potocki is known for building the magnificent Potocki Palace, a grand residence in Lviv. In 1873 he co-founded the Akademia Umiejetnosci (Polish Academy of Skills) in Kraków. He ran a family distillery, which is today known as Polmos Łańcut.

Political career

He was member of the National Sejm of Galicia from 1863 to 1889 and Sejm Marshal from 1875 until 1877. From 1875 to 1883 he was governor of Galicia.

Reichsrat Abgeordnetenhaus Herrenhaus


  • Order of the Golden Fleece
  • Order of the Steel Crown
  • Order of St. Stefan
  • Order of Carol III
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