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Alexandre Dumas (father) : biography

Alexandre Dumas was born in a small town Villers-Cotterets, in a General Thomas-Alexandre Dumas’ family. The future writer spent his childhood and youth in his native town with family. In 1806 Alexandre’s father died, and mother couldn’t provide her son with decent education. When Dumas was young he met a famous poet Adolphe de Leuven who constantly visited Paris theatres. Alexandre came up with the idea to become a playwright, so he decided to move to Paris and try his luck.

Dumas father’s old friend General Foy helped the future writer to find job in the office of Duke of Orleans in Paris. Apart from work Dumas tried to fulfill his scant education by reading books – one friend of his made a list of books for Alexandre. Dumas also visited Paris theatres. His only aim was to become a playwright. Dumas thought that he should start from a simple jenre and firstly wrote vaudeville “Hunting and love” that was staged in one Paris theatre.

By that time Dumas had a son from an illegitimate relationships. Alexandre legitimated a child and decided to give him good education and upbringing. So he had to support his mother aтв son. Alexandre continued writing. His next work was a drama “Christine” about a Sweden queen. The play was decided to stage on conditions that Dumas improve it. But the writer didn’t want to make concessions and it was never staged.

Then in two months Dumas wrote a new play “Henri II and his court” which was successfully staged and is considered to be one of the greatest plays in classicism.

In 1830 during the French revolution Dumas took an active part in social life: he participated in royal palace’s assault in Tuileries, did several important assignments of General Lamarque, after general’s death he placed himself at the head of artillery detachment that followed a funeral catafalque. Policemen broke up the crowd and some time later newspapers published news that Dumas was shot by police during the procession. By in fact the writer was about to be arrested and he ran away to Switzerland and stayed there for several months. In Switzerland he wrote historical and journalistic sketch “Gaul and France”.

In 1840 Dumas married an actress Ida Ferrier but after wedding continued meeting other women. Four years later conjoints separated but they never formalized divorce.

Dumas continued active writing. In 1835 he wrote his first historical novel “Isabeau de Baviere”, in 1844 the first chapter of “The count of Monte Cristo” was written. Dumas claimed that he had to visit any place before writing about it. That’s why he travelled a lot, visited Marseille, island If, Italy, island Elba and many other places.

Dumas was a rather rich person, he earned his money by publishing his own magazines and keeping a theatre. But he spent a lot of money as he preferred a luxurious life. That’s why he accumulated many debts. In 1851 he had to escape his creditors and run to Brussels where he wrote famous “Memoirs” which wasn’t worse in artistic qualities than his best novels.

When Dumas returned to Paris he published another magazine under the name “Monte Cristo”. He continued to travel a lot as usual, visited Russia. In Italy he took part in government’s rebirth. Then Alexandre got a post of Naples national museum’s head.

During the French-Prussian war Dumas live in the south of France. He worried a lot about France’s defeat and that’s why his health became worse and worse. On the 5th of December, 1870 a famous writer Alexandre Dumas died.

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