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Alexander Roda Roda : biography

April 13, 1872 – August 20, 1945

Alexander Roda Roda (born Šandor Friedrich Rosenfeld; April 13, 1872 – August 20, 1945) was Austrian-Croatian writer.


Roda Roda was born in Drnovice, Moravia on April 13, 1872. As a child, he moved with his family to Slavonia. He changed his name from Šandor to Alexander, and his surname from Rosenfeld to Roda Roda. Roda is the Croatian word for stork. He chose his new surname because storks nested on the chimney of his house in Osijek. He spent more than 30 years living and working in Osijek and Slavonia. In 1902, Roda Roda quit the military career and became a journalist (during World War I he was war correspondent); he contributed to "Simplicissimus". In 1938, he emigrated in the USA. He wrote many comedies (Der König von Crucina, 1892; Bubi, 1912, with G. Meyrink), tales and novels (Soldatengeschichten, 2 vol., 1904; Der Ehegarten, 1913, Der Schnaps, der Rauchtabak und die verfluchte Liebe, 1908; Die Panduren, 1935) and autobiographical books (Irrfahrten eines Humoristen 1914–1919, 1920; Roda Rodas Roman, 1925). He died in New York. Until his death, Roda Roda considered Osijek as his hometown.


File:Roda-roda.jpg|Roda Roda bust in front of the City and University library Osijek File:Gedenktafel Innsbrucker Str 44 (Schönb) Alexander Roda Roda.JPG|Roda Roda Berlin memorial plaque