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Alexander Murdoch Mackay : biography

13 October 1849 - 4 February 1890

Alexander Murdoch Mackay (13 October 1849 – 4 February 1890) was a Presbyterian missionary to Uganda.

Missionary work

Mackay was born on 13 October 1849. He studied at the Free Church Training School for Teachers at Edinburgh, then at Edinburgh University, and finally at Berlin. He displayed a great aptitude for mechanics, and spent several years as a draftsman in Germany.

Mackay decided to become a missionary after Henry Morton Stanley was told by Mutesa I of Buganda that Uganda wanted missionaries. He joined the Christian Missionary Society in 1876. Mackay reached Zanzibar on 30 March 1876, followed by Uganda in November 1878.

He taught various skills to the Ugandan people, including carpentry and farming. He was named Muzunguwa Kazi by the Ugandans. The name means "white man of work." Mackay's work in Uganda came under threat after Kiwewa came into power. He worked in Uganda until 1914. He became sick with malarial fever and died four days later.

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