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Alex Arrowsmith : biography

July 10, 1982 –

Alex Arrowsmith (born July 10, 1982) is a rock/pop musician from Portland, Oregon. He has released 15 albums on his independent label, Ectoplasmic Records. All of his albums are self-produced and self-released. In spring 2010, Alex Arrowsmith joined The Shaky Hands on keyboard/guitar.


Studio albums

Year Title Label
2001 Honey, I Shrunk The Meat Grinder Ectoplasmic
2002 A Bunch Of Songs Ectoplasmic
2002 Sacramento Gold Ectoplasmic
2003 The Brask Ectoplasmic
2003 Crack House Ectoplasmic
2004 The Albatross Project Ectoplasmic
2005 Wharfless Ectoplasmic
2005 The History Of Fishes Ectoplasmic
2006 Applewine Ectoplasmic
2008 Missing Briefcase Ectoplasmic
2009 Modernity Leave Ectoplasmic
2010 Public Domain Rainbow Ectoplasmic
2011 Quarks Ectoplasmic
2011 Real Nights Ectoplasmic
2012 Variations In The Pattern Ectoplasmic


Year Title Label
2003 The Wonder Of The Underground Pressed On Plastic, Vol. 1 ("The Man With The Golden Touch") Meow Meow
2005 Perceptions 2005 ("I Am The Ice Age") MHCC
2006 Perceptions 2006 ("Engulf The Manatee" and "New Times And Fire Road") MHCC
2007 Eartaste Sampler #1 ("Update Your Blog" and "I Hope You’re Never Crushed By Something Heavy") Eartaste
2007 Perceptions 2007 ("Plains Of Mostly Still Life" and "Coldplay Got Eaten By Piranhas") MHCC
2007 Eartaste Sampler #3 ("Alien Jump Rope Party") Eartaste
2008 Perceptions 2008 ("The Zaps," "Pass By Palestine" and "Eternal Return") MHCC
2008 "Plug In Portland" KINK 102 FM Local Music Sampler ("The Zaps") KINK
2012 Live from the Banana Stand Vol. 1 ("Freeze Tag") Banana Stand