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Ahmed Khaled Tawfik : biography

1962 –

Ahmed Khaled Tawfik Farraag () (born June 1962) is an Egyptian author, also known as Ahmed Khaled Tawfik. He is the first Arab writer to explore the Horror/Science Fiction genre and the first Arab writer to explore the Medical thriller genre. His series (Fantasia) was a first of its kind; a cleverly concocted plot that presents famous literary works to the youth, through an interactive presentation. (Fantasia) presented the young Arab reader to a wide spectrum of topics, from Arthur Conan Doyle and Sikhism, to Dostoevsky and the Cosa Nostra. Many believe that Dr. Tawfik’s method in (Fantasia) was a first not only as an Arab writer, but a first of its kind worldly.

Dr. Tawfik is considered by a whole Arab generation to be one of the most influential writers of their time. His legacy has influenced thousands of Arab


Born in June 1962 in the northern Egyptian city of Tanta, Tawfik graduated from Tanta University’s medical school in 1985. He attained a PhD in 1997. In 1992 he joined the Modern Arab Association publishing company, and began writing his first series of novels the following year. In January 1993, he published the first installment in his horror/thriller series Ma Waraa Al Tabiaa ()or "Metaphysics". He also writes periodical articles for journals and web-based magazines such as EL Destoor and Rewayty. His writing style has appealed to both Egyptian and more broad Arabic speaking audiences, gaining him popularity in Egypt and the Middle East

His novels typically feature all Egyptian characters and are set both in Egypt and around the world.

Some of his characters are semi-autobiographical in nature, with Tawfik drawing from personal experiences in their creation; fans identify him most closely with Refaat Ismael who featured in the Ma Waraa Al Tabiaa series.

His most famous characters

Refaat Ismael

Refaat Ismael is the main character of Ma Waraa Al Tabiaa. He is a retired doctor who leads a life chock-full of metaphysical experiences. He is a bachelor and is known for his sarcastic attitude. Refaat is widely loved by the rewayat fans. Many of them, in fact, refer to Ahmed Khaled himself as Refaat Ismail due to the many noticeable similarities between the two men.

Alaa abdel Azeem

Alaa abdel Azeem is the main character of Safari (novel). He is a young Egyptian physician who works for "Safari", a fictitious medical association with branches in several countries in Africa whose raison d’etre is to "hunt down" diseases like animals are hunted in actual safari trips.

Azeem is married to his Canadian partner, Dr. Bernadette Jones, who works in pediatrics. He has some characteristics that differentiate him from Refaat Ismael. To wit, he is a little nervous, and not the greatest physician in the world. He is, however, a quick study and picks things up fast. He also enjoys surgery very much.

Dr. Tawfik cleverly utilize the Medical thriller genre to intrigue the layman reader while presenting an outline of a specific medical topic in each novel.

Abeer abdel Rahman

Abeer abdel Rahman is the main character of Fantazia. She is a simple Egyptian housewife who is neither smart nor beautiful, but she is well read in almost every field. She marries a handsome computer programmer called Sherif who has invented DG-2 (Dream Generator 2), which is a hi-tech device that can materialize pre-existing human knowledge in the form of dreams. Through this device, Abeer has the chance to participate in any story she knows and live with any character (e.g. Superman, Batman, Adham Sabri).

Abeer finds out that Sherif is secretly having an affair with a colleague from work, so she divorces him.


  • In Rewayat Masreya Lil Guib.
  • An Arabic translation of Chuck Palahniuk’s novel Fight Club.
  • Utopia, A fictional political minded novel published by Merit.
  • El-Senga, Another mind-twisting politically flavored novel published by Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation Publishing.
  • Ahmad Khaled also writes periodical articles for EL Destoor, .