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Ahmad Thomson : biography


Ahmad Thomson is a British barrister and writer and a member of the Murabitun movement.Thomson, Ahmad.


Views on Islamic Finance

Thomson advocates a return to the use of gold and silver as means of exchange which possess intrinsic value.Press TV , The Agenda, October 30, 2009Press TV , The Agenda, February 11, 2010 He has consistently pointed out that before any financial product can be described as Sharia compliant, the means of exchange must be Sharia compliant – and that the Sharia of Islam prohibits the use of an unredeemable IOU (paper money) either as a means of exchange (unless it is backed by gold or silver) or in order to pay the annual zakat on wealth (which must be paid in gold or silver).Thomson, Ahmad. Thomson has accordingly recommended that the interest-generated portion of the national debt be written off, institutionalised usury be proscribed and Islamic gold dinars and silver dirhams be minted by the Royal Mint, utilising the weights and measures for these coins originally established by sayyedina Umar ibn Al-Khattab (the second Muslim Khalif),Thomson, Ahmad. if London is to become a global centre for Islamic Finance as advocated by the former Labour Chancellor of the Exchequer, Gordon Brown.Rt Hon Gordon Brown MP

British Media and The Next World Order

Thomson first came to public attention in 2001 when he featured in an award winning documentary My Name is Ahmed broadcast on BBC2 on the 14th August 2001 and in Prince Naseem's Guide to Islam broadcast on BBC2 on the 15th August 2001. He subsequently appeared in the first two Shariah TV seriesShariah TV broadcast on Channel 4 on the 18th May 2004Shariah TV and 25 May 2004Shariah TV and in April 2005.Shariah TV He also participated in The Muslim Jesus and Celebrity Lives Sharia Style. He has been an occasional guest on the Hassan & Habibah show, Legal Corner, Legal Forum, Weekly Review, Politics & Media and the Hayaat show broadcast on Islam Channel.

Following his support of Dar Al-Taqwa’s successful complaint to the Press Complaints CommissionPress Complaints Commission concerning a deliberately misleading and inflammatory attack by the Evening Standard in July 2005,Thomson, Ahmad. , published in The Muslim Weekly, August 19, 2005Muslim Lawyers(Europe) a group of British journalists (including Toby Helm, David Cesarani and Daniel Kahtan) who had never met or interviewed Mr Thomson, retaliated by alleging that Thomson's 1994 book, The Next World Order (which had, by then, been out of print for several years), contained allegations that Freemasons and Jews control the governments of Europe and America, and that it was a "big lie" that six million Jews died in the Holocaust.Cesarani, David. , in The Guardian, September 16, 2005

In fact Thomson had simply stated that it is a “big lie” to assert that those whom Arthur Koestler has described as “the thirteenth tribe” are descended from the Tribe of Israel (Jacob the son of Isaac) when in fact they are not descended from Shem, the son of Noah, but from Yapheth, the son of Noah and are accordingly Turkic. It is the Arab Palestinians who are descended from Shem and accordingly 'semitic', this adjective being derived from the word 'shem'. Thomson had allegedly written that Jews have no right to live in what he called "the Holy Land," because they are not a "pure race," and are therefore not biblical Israelites. In fact he had simply pointed out that the homeland of the descendants of the Khazars is between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, not Palestine., by Arthur Koestler

Elsewhere it was alleged that Thomson has said that Saddam Hussein was used as an excuse for U.S. troops, "including thousands of Jews," to occupy Saudi Arabia and that the invasion of Iraq was "part of a Zionist plan, "Kahtan, Daniel. , TotallyJewish, September 14, 2005 to realise the publicly declared Zionist aim of establishing the Greater Eretz between the Nile and the Euphrates.Yinon, Oded. , translated by Israel Shahak

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