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Ahmad Ahmadi : biography

1885 - 1944

Ahmad Ahmadi (1885–1944), also known as Pezeshk Ahmadi, was an Iranian physician who killed numerous political prisoners while employed at Tehran's Qasr prison.

Trial and execution

After being released from exile in 1941, Iran Teymourtash travelled to Iraq and succeeded in arranging for Ahmadi's extradition to Iran on charges that he had killed her father, Abdolhossein Teymourtash.

Ahmadi, along with Sarpās Mokhtār (Central Police Chief), Mostafā Rāsekh, and Hosein Niroumand, was arrested and sentenced for crimes committed during Rezā Shāh's arbitrary reign.

Ahmadi was found guilty for numerous murders by the court and sentenced to death. He was executed in public in 1944 in Tehran's Toopkhāneh Square.


Born in Mashhad to Mohammad Ali Ahmadi, he became special physician at Qasr prison. Many political prisoners died under his notorious air injections. Some of the more famous were Mirza Mohammad Farrokhi Yazdi, Abdolhossein Teymourtash, Sardar As'ad and his brother Khānbābā Khān As'ad, Taghi Arani, and Ayatollah Mirza Mohammad Najafi Khorasani (Ayatollah Aghazadeh).

When the allies stormed into Iran in 1941, leader Rezā Shāh of the Pahlavi Dynasty was overthrown, and the judiciary, headed by Jalāl Abdeh, under popular pressure, was appointed to take many infamous figures such as Ahmadi to trial for their notorious crimes during the first Pahlavi era.

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