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Adalbert, Margrave of Austria : biography

- 1055

Adalbert ( c. 985 – 26 May 1055), known as Adalbert the Victorious (), was the Margrave of Austria from 1018 until his death in 1055. He was a member of the House of Babenberg.Lingelbach 1913, p. 89.


Adalbert the Victorious was the son of Leopold the Illustrious and Richardis of Sualafeldgau. He was married to Glismod of West-Saxony and Frozza Orseolo, who later took the name of Adelheid, the sister of Peter Urseolo of Hungary.Dümmerth Dezső: Az Árpádok nyomában. Panoráma Kiadó 1977.

He extended the eastern border of the then small Ostmark of Bavaria as far as the rivers Morava/March and Leitha and supported King Henry III in his battles against Hungary and Bohemia. He resided in the Lower Austrian Babenberg castle of Melk, where Melk Abbey was to develop later.

Adalbert died on 26 May 1055 at Melk.

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