A. J. M. Smith

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A. J. M. Smith : biography

November 8, 1902 – November 21, 1980

Arthur James Marshall Smith (November 8, 1902 – November 21, 1980) was a Canadian poet and anthologist. He "was a prominent member of a group of Montreal poets" – the Montreal Group, which included Leon Edel, Leo Kennedy, A.M. Klein, and F.R. Scott — "who distinguished themselves by their modernism in a culture still rigidly rooted in Victorianism."Ruth Whidden-Yates, ; Master of Arts thesis, Simon Fraser University; 1976.



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Life and Writing

Smith was born in Montreal, but lived in England from 1918 to 1920, where he "studied for the Cambridge Local Examinations, ‘and failed everything except English and history’ (he later wrote)." In England he became aware of contemporary poetry: "he frequented Harold Monroe’s bookshop, then the citadel of Georgian poetry, and read much in the recent war poets and the Imagists."Leon Edel, "", Encyclopedia of Literature, JRank.org. Web, Mar. 17, 2011.

Montreal Group

Returning to Montreal, Smith entered McGill University in 1921. While an undergraduate there in 1924 he wrote for and co-edited the McGill Daily Literary Supplement; in 1925, as a graduate student, he and F.R. Scott founded the McGill Fortnightly Review, which billed itself as a "an independent journal of literature, the arts, and student affairs edited and published by a group of undergraduates at McGill University."Dean Irvine, "," Encyclopedia of Canadian History, JRank.org. Web, Mar. 15, 2011. The Review was "the first journal to publish modernist poetry and critical opinion in Canada."