Feruccio Lamborghini: “My tractor is not worse than your Ferrari!”

Every precious minute of his free time senior Lamborghini tried to devote to his passion – he loved to drive a sport car along picturesque hills drowning in green clothes, feeling wind blowing in his face. He didn’t go too far, those were the hills that surrounded his own village. To tell the truth, during such trips Lamborghini not once or twice had quite serious problems with coupling of his favourite car Ferrari . He passed some tiresome time in his garage trying his best to repair the poor thing, but nothing worked. Thus, Ferucchio made up his mind to pay a visit to the produced of that car model senior Enzo Ferrari who fortunately happened to live in the neighbourhood. ‘The coupling of your cars is just awful’ he announced to the founder of a very famous and prestigious automobile company ‘Even my tractors have got better ones!

Enzo Ferrari was a little bit surprised when he was told that information, and so he assured his guest that a tractor and a sport car were not the same thing. So Feruccio could peacefully keep on producing technical equipment for harvesting, and he should let professional specialists take care of all the troubles concerning the quality of expensive and luxurious automobiles.

Ferrucio didn’t like such an impolite answer at all, and so he decided to show the “professional” how it should all work. He made up his mind to construct his own “Ferrari” which would be better than the original one! For this reason he founded a new plant where he arranged a production of ultramodern and quite reliable sport cars. It’s interesting that Lamborghini started to use details taken from the warehouse of repair parts for his own tractors. Despite of this fact, a new model ‘«350 GT» didn’t seem to lose its incredible popularity, and soon almost every lover of sport cars started spreading all over the country good news about this car’s great reliability rate.

Curiously enough, even nowadays it still appears to be quite difficult to imagine an automobile with a make ‘Ferrari’ without a giant shadow hanging over. That is the shadow of its eternal competitor, the shadow of a bull (“the company “Lamborghini” has got such a proud symbol”).