Deductive method. Conan Doyle

This phrase – ‘deductive method’ as a rule calls forth associations with genius detective Sherlock Holmes. The whole civilized world has been obsessed with this deduction ever since Doyle, a British writer who created Sherlock Holmes wrote his detective stories. It’s noteworthy that the writer himself had to meet some followers of this famous method.

Once Conan Doyle arrived in Paris. He was stopped by a taxi-driver at the station. He greeted the renowned author: ‘Where can I get you, monsieur Conan Doyle?’ ‘How do you know me?’ the writer was sincerely surprised. ‘I put your deductive method into practice’ the lad claimed. ‘In the first place, I remembered that there was an article in newspaper about your arrival in Riviera, and now I can observe that you have just got off Marseille’s train. In the second place, you’ve got all that English manners, you look just like a doctor and even your suit’s English cut gives you away completely. And finally, in the third place, I took a notice of a small ink stain on the index finger of your right hand, and this means that you have to write a lot.’ Such suspicious perspicacity of a total stranger amazed Conan Doyle very much.

‘Well, look here, you really are Sherlock Holmes indeed!’ he exclaimed in admiration.

His interlocutor answered to this, his eyes lowered modestly: ‘Well, as a matter of fact, there’s one more detail. There is a label on your luggage. It says ‘Conan Doyle’