Aristotle. Learning by practice.

The phenomenon of Alexander the Great still remains a secret. Historians of today can’t explain why and how such a small (even tiny!) country as Macedonia once managed to conquer half of the world! But nobody hasn’t got any doubts concerning the fact that the main reason of that great success was fantastic charisma of Alexander the Great. It is worth mentioning that Aristotle, a mentor, adviser and counselor of the Macedonian ruler, played a very significant part in his becoming the king of Macedonia.

One of the funniest story of the great philosopher’s life is connected with raising up a legendary commander. When Alexander was young, immature and inexperienced in life, he was quite obsessed with sensational pleasures. So he was much influenced by hetaera Fellida – she captivated him utterly. If someone doesn’t remember what hetaera means, we’ll remind you that hetaera is a Greek analogue of a Japanese geisha.

Thus, Alexander began to take great interest in Fellida, as a matter of fact he was extremely infatuated by her. Aristotle was very discontent about this fact as this obsession distracted the ruler from serious matters. That was why the ruler’s mentor Aristotle asked hetaera Fellida to leave Alexander alone and not to bother him. Hetaera agreed to do this kind of favour, but she would only agree with Aristotle’s request on one condition – the famous philosopher had to gave hetaera a ride on his back. The king’s tutor agreed to do that, since he thought that there was no other way to solve the problem, and besides a payment for the favour he had asked for wasn’t not so troublesome.

At the very height of this funny activity Alexander entered the room where the two of them were having fun and immediately saw her beloved one riding on the back of his teacher. Tomfoolery stopped at once, Fellida hurried to leave the room, so the two men were left in one room. Aristotle succeeded in overcoming embarrassment and told his student in a didactic tone of voice: ‘You see, what she does to me, to an old, experienced and respectful man! Just think what this means! I simply can’t imagine what she might do to you and who you are going to become.’ Curiously enough, that accidental lesson affected Alexander.