Albert Einstein. Rudiments of arithmetic

Once the great scientist Albert Einstein was going somewhere by tram. He almost always followed his habit of reading in public transport. And this time he made up his mind to read for a while. When a conductor came up to him, he took out of his pocket some coins that he had prepared beforehand and gave them to the conductor. ‘There are not enough coins’ the conductor told him after counting the money. ‘It can’t be’ said Albert Einstein absent-mindedly without even looking at him – he was deeply concentrated on reading at that moment. ‘I’m telling you, you haven’t given me enough money!’ the conductor didn’t give in. But Einstein turned out to be also a man of unyieldingness and he kept claiming that it wasn’t possible. ‘Ok then, see for yourself, count it! Look – here fifteen phennings, so five is missing. – the interlocutor finally expressed his indignation. Having made sure that he really had been wrong, the scientist put his hand in the pocket and he did find there a small mislaid coin. But the conductor was a well-wishing man and so he told the passenger (whom by the way he didn’t recognize) with a smile: ‘Oh, it’s nothing, old man. You just need to learn the rudiments of arithmetic.