A precious gift. Caruso.

Once not long before Christmas holidays some female and extremely wealthy (a millionaire in fact) follower of a famous singer Caruso presented him with a precious dagger so that he could use it in the last scene of a very popular opera ‘Carmen’.

That dagger seemed to be an excellent example of a true masterpiece. There were all the scenes of ‘Carmen’, in which Caruso took part, depicted on its surface. The size of each figure wasn’t bigger than five centimeters, and each of them bore great resemblance with a distinguished singer.

And even though Caruso accepted this gorgeous gift, he still kept on using in scenes his old ordinary and fake dagger. The rich singer noticed this unpleasant fact and got offended. She made up her mind to find the reasons of such disregard.

Caruso explained to her: ‘My fair lady, when I go on stage I forget about everything but my role, the one that I should play! If I take your precious present with me on stage, I will have to think only about protecting it from thieves!